What to do about that moss on your roof

What to do about that moss on your roof

Moss can grow just about anywhere when there’s plenty of shade and moisture, and that includes your asphalt shingles on your roof. Though it may seem harmless, moss can actually pose a serious threat to your roof. Moss is an amazing plant that can hold up to 20 times its own weight in water. If left untreated moss can lead to roof leaks and severe damage to your home. Here is some advice for taking care of moss on your roof.

How to remove moss from a roof

Though you’re certainly free to climb up on your roof with your tool of choice and start scraping away at the moss, this can damage your shingles and cause premature granule loss. The granules are what protects your shingles from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The preferred method for getting rid of moss is chemical reaction.

To get rid of moss using the chemical reaction method, you first need to purchase a moss/algae killing product. Different products will have different instructions for how to use them. Some may harm other plant life so make sure, if you have plants below the area where you’re working, make sure to choose a product that won’t kill those plants.

Armed with your moss/algae killer, head up onto your roof and apply the chemicals to the mossy areas being careful to follow the directions that came with the product. You may need to do repeat the process several times depending on the thickness of the moss. After the amount of time specified on the product, use a garden hose or hand held sprayer to gently remove the dead moss, you may need to use a brush as well. Don’t use a pressure washer or a brush with stiff bristles as these can damage your shingles.

Hire or DIY

Any work on your roof is potentially hazardous. Removing moss can be especially dangerous if you’re not careful as moss can be slippery, especially after you’ve been spraying the affected area with water. Unless you’re extremely comfortable working on top of your roof and you know what you’re doing, you should probably consider hiring a professional who will have all of the proper gear and training to do the job safely.

How to prevent moss growth on a roof

Simply removing the moss from your roof won’t be a long term fix if you live in a wet climate and your home gets a lot of shade or cloud cover. Though you can’t do anything about the climate, you can maximize the amount of sunlight your roof gets by trimming any trees that hang over your roof and cover it with shade. Because moss prefers to grow on organic material, you can reduce moss growth by regularly clearing away leaves and branches before they can accumulate on your roof. Finally, you might consider installing a strip of zinc on the crest of your roofline as it is a natural moss repellent.

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