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Gizzada or Grizzada, also referred to as pinch-me-round, and known as Guizada in the Portuguese language, is a pastry in Jamaican cuisine. The tart is made in a small, crunchy, tart shell with a pinched crust and filled with a sweet and spiced coconut filling.

A rum cake is a type of dessert cake which contains rum. In most of the Caribbean, rum cakes are a traditional holiday season dessert, descended from the holiday puddings (such as figgy pudding) introduced by English settlers. Traditionally, dried fruit is soaked in rum for months and then added to dough prepared with sugar which has been caramelized by boiling in water. The result, also known as “black cake”, is similar to a fruitcake, with a lighter texture.

Hard Dough Bread is a Jamaican bread similar to the Pullman loaf or pain de mie, although hard dough bread tends to be sweeter. The dough consists of flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar. Hard dough bread is used much the same as a Pullman loaf: as a vehicle for spreads such as butter, cheese or jam; for dipping into liquids, a common one being hot chocolate; or to make sandwiches. Hard dough bread is more resistant than Pullman bread to becoming soggy and breaking apart in sandwiches with fried, greasy fillings such as plantain and egg.