The McAfee MAV retail card will allow you to install McAfee antivirus to your computer . 
          McAfee MAV retail card ensures that you will get the latest version of McAfee.
          You can buy McAfee retail cards from your local  store.


          simple steps to install mcafee antivirus in computer-
   1.    To install mcafee antivirus in your computer see at the back side of your retail card,
         URL for your download. Enter this URL on your web browser.
         ex- If you bought mcafee live safe retail card.
         you need to enter URL like-

   2.    The 25-digit-activation code  is located at the back of the retail card;
         it is at the bottom-most part of the retail card. You need to enter that code on a page
         asking for this code in the box on that page.
         ex- The 25-digit-activation code  is like-57BN9QHTRHVMB4A

  3.     Click “Submit.” You will see page to log into your account.

  4.     Log into your McAfee account. Enter your username/e-mail and password in the box provided.
         when you’re done, Hit Enter on your keyboard . You will be directed to your user page.

  5.     You will see page where installation option is given you need to just click on installation
         and to get the installation Click 'I agree to accept the terms'.