Weird Philippines – Unique Things You Will Only See in the Pearl of the Orient

Weird Philippines – Unique Things You Will Only See in the Pearl of the Orient

The Philippines is among the world’s popular tourist destinations. Offering white sand beaches, azure-colored waters, a tropical weather, and very friendly people, there are no reasons for tourists not to visit this beautiful archipelago. Aside from that, the country also has unique things that you’ll only see in the 7,107 islands of the Southeast Asian country. Here are some of them:


Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao, Antique

Dubbed as Antique’s local version of Jacuzzi, the Kawa Hot Bath in the town of Tibiao offers a one-of-a-kind experience to tourists. Instead of the regular bathtubs, the Kawa Hot Bath uses a large fryer (kawa). The kawa is filled with water and then heated underneath; herbal leaves are also placed in the kawa to help soothe body pains. While the fire is still burning, tourists and guests get inside the unique bathtub. Kawa Hot Bath is one of Antique’s tourist attractions.


Purple Crabs in Palawan

The purple crab – a unique colored freshwater crab—can only be seen in the island of Palawan. It is one of the many rare aquatic species that was discovered in the country’s last frontier. The purple-colored crab was discovered in 2012 by some German scientists together with Filipino university students. Features of this unique crab include a purple-colored carapace and red-hued claws. The purple crab lives in the remote areas of Palawan.


Carabao Beauty Pageant in Catigbian, Bohol

Carabao is the country’s national animal; it is also considered as the farmers’ best friend for helping them till the land. In a little town in Bohol, a beauty pageant is held in honor of the carabaos every June 17. What’s so unique about this contest is that instead of beautiful lasses, dolled-up carabaos are the ones contending for the crown. A talent portion is also included in the carabaos beauty pageant. This unique beauty pageant is done during the Katigbawan Festival in Catigbian, Bohol.