What Is A Digital E-Nail?

What Is A Digital E-Nail?

What Is A Digital E-Nail?

You are lucky.

The e-nail is the most revolutionary product in the world of dabbing.

And it is now these bad boys are readily available to anyone.

Back in the old days, when I first started dabbing, there was no such thing as a digital e-nail and there were only glass and titanium nails! Now quartz and ceramic dab nails are also available!

That means we had to take out a hand torch and actually heat up dabs ourselves. The old fashioned way!

Then this contraption was built.

The only problem was there was only a few being made by select companies and at the time it was nearly impossible to get your hands on one.

Nowadays, (and with the help of the internet) this revolutionary rig accessory is available to everyone at affordable prices.


How A Digital E-Nail Works


This nail is heated by electricity rather than from a hand torch. They are slowly growing in popularity among daily concentrate consumers due to their fast heat times, customization and efficiency.

It’s definitely safe to say that digital e-nails are the more sophisticated sister of traditional dab nails.



Because of their custom temperature settings, electric nails are becoming one of the most wanted commodities in the dabbing community. However it’s still rare to come across quality e-nails as many companies are still finding it hard to legally sell them without suspicion.

If you get the privilege of using one, good for you! Most people still have to heat their nails with hand torches which give you far less control over the temperatures at which you’re vaporizing at.


Also, chances are you won’t find one of these devices at your local head shop (depending on where you live). But with the growing fan base of online head shops, you now have the power to find these online.

•   The ‘D-nail electronic nail with a 20mm coil,’ is one of the better models representing a bright future for digital e-nails. This wonderful apparatus can heat your nail, in just two minutes flat. And you have the ability to choose your favorite dabbing temperature & get this.. It stays the same temperature. So that means you can find your perfect vaping temperature and get the same great results every single time!  No more blind guessing if the nail is hot enough!


There are many advanced features that may not be present in the traditional dab nails.

One feature is having instantaneous heating.

Once you press the push button, it’ll only take about two minute until your nail gets hot to the right temperature for dabbing.

Most digital e-nails also come with a device to regulate temperature so that you don't overheat or under heat your dab rig.


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With the growing popularity of digital e-nails, the benefits seem to be far superior to the traditional method of hand torches.

•   Safety- I think it goes without saying that without using a hand torch, you will be much safer taking dabs.

•   Quality- Have you ever been taking a dab, the nail temperature gets too low and you waste your concentrate? No more losing those precious concentrates with this accessory! The temperature will stay the same meaning all of your concentrate will be vaporized.

•   Functionality – No more waiting around for the nail to get hot, now you can vape quickly, safely and efficiently whether you’re by yourself or have a group of people together.

•   Price- We all like saving money. With the E-Nail, you will never have to buy another can of butane again because it runs on electricity.

It’s very evident, digital e-nails are the future of dabbing.

But where is the best place for purchasing them?

Digital e-nails are mainly sold in online head shops like Highpriorityglass.com. Personally, I have never come across one at any local head-shop (in my area).

What do you guys think of the digital e-nail? Have you tried one out yet? Would you buy one for yourself?

Happy Dabbing!