Cataract Treatment without Surgery

Cataract is an internal clouding that occurs over the lens of the eyes. Since this formation is natural it is painless. Cataract blocks the light from entering the eye thus preventing you from seeing objects clearly. If avoided, cataracts can cause blindness. Cataract is most commonly seen in elder people; however, it is also found in some young people.

One of the most common symptoms of cataract is a blurry vision. Things begin to look foggy or cloudy to patients who suffer from cataract. Once a cataract begins to grow, it will slowly affect your vision. People who suffer from cataract find it difficult to drive especially at night. This is because the cataract prevents the light from entering the retina and you can't focus on images.

There are several types of cataract which include

#1 - Age related cataracts - This is a kind of cataract that is found in people of an older age. Over a period of time, a protein builds up begins to form over the lens of the eye making it tough to focus on objects.

#2 - Congenital Cataracts - This is a condition that occurs when a child is born with cataract. It usually happens when the mother has some kind of infection during pregnancy.

#3 - Secondary cataracts - These cataracts occur due to conditions such as diabetes or certain drugs which cause the formation of protein over the lens of the eyes.

#4 - Traumatic cataracts - This kind occurs to people who have suffered some kind of eye injury.

Research proves that cigarette smoke, air pollution and heavy consumption of alcohol can also result in cataract.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in people all over the world. While surgery was the only option to rectify this condition, a new method of cataract treatment without surgery can help a large number of people to save their eyes.

The non-surgical cataract treatment can prove very helpful to people who suffer moderate or minor cataracts or to those who have no access to surgery. This method includes eye drops which help dissolve the protein build up over the lens and restore vision.

It is essential to visit the right eye clinic and consult a good eye doctor who will prescribe the right eye drops which can help cure cataract. There are a number of eye drops which are available in the market; however, it’s best to get one that the doctor prescribes. Different cataracts respond differently and a doctor will be able to understand the kind of cataract, the required medication and the care that is required to help cure the cataract.

People who have major cataract in both eyes might have to opt in for surgery since the drops might not be able to help dissolve large protein build ups. The surgery involves removing the lens of the eyes and replacing it with a new one. If you suspect you suffer from cataract, then visit your eye doctor today and you might be able to avail the right cataract treatment without surgery.