Finding The Right Amblyopia Treatment in India

Amblyopia, which is more commonly known as a lazy eye is a condition which is caused in children when the vision in one eye does not develop properly. It is essential to treat this condition as soon as it is detected since ignoring it could cause permanent vision impairment in the eye.

This condition is more common in children and thus treating it becomes easier. Once an adult, the brain is mature and will not accept images coming from the eye which was not functional for a while. Amblyopia treatment in India is found at some of the leading eye clinics across the country. If you doubt your child suffers from this condition, get their eyes checked immediately.

There are a number of reasons to why amblyopia occurs. The most common one is one eye being more efficient as compared to the other. Some people suffer farsightedness in one eye while the other one is fine. This causes one eye to see one image more clearly in comparison to the other. As a child, the brain will use the one eye to focus on objects since the other one is blur.

Another leading cause of amblyopia is strabismus. This is a condition where one eye does not turn correctly. This could generate two images and in order to avoid that a child will use only one eye to focus.

Amblyopia is found in children and in order to avoid ignoring it, you should get your Childs eyes checked from time to time. The first eye test can be conducted on a child as small as 6 months. The sooner the problem is detected, the better it is. The eye tests are simple and children do not have to undergo any stress during the test.

The first stage of treatment is figuring out the actual problem. If the lazy eye is weaker than the other normal eye, then that needs to be treated first. Usually a pair of glasses helps cure problems such as farsightedness. Once both the eyes can focus correctly, the child is forced to use the lazy eye to focus on objects. This in turn sends signals to the brain to start using the eye. Some children are made to use an eye patch to ensure they are using the eye to focus.

Only in extreme cases will a doctor advice surgery for amblyopia treatment. Children can form and break habits a lot faster than adults. Thus the sooner the problem is detected you can begin treatment for your child and the condition will improve soon. If amblyopia is caused due to a small cataract which is obstructing the vision and preventing the eye from moving correctly, then a surgery is the only way you can rectify this condition.  Cataract conditions in children however are rare and in most cases amblyopia can be corrected without surgery. There are a number of good eye clinics that provide amblyopia treatment in India and with the latest technologies and methods, it is easy to get this problem rectified.