Lazy Eye Treatment in India

Lazy eye which is scientifically known as amblyopia is an eye condition which occurs when the vision of a child does not develop correctly in one eye. It is important to find the right Lazy Eye Treatment in India because if this condition is ignored a child could suffer vision impairment and will lose eyesight in that eye. As a child's brain develops it will learn to ignore the signals that come from the lazy eye.

Lazy eye could be caused due to a number of reasons. Most children face problems with one eye. This means one eye is a little weaker than the other. When this happens, a child tries to use the better eye to focus and begins to ignore the weaker eye. Slowly the brain begins to ignore the images that the lazy eye sends.

Strabismus is another reason why the lazy eye could occur. In this condition the eyes are not aligned properly and one eye begins to turn inward or outward. This produces two images and the brain slowly begins to ignore one of them. In some cases, a lazy eye could also occur due to the accumulation of a small amount of blood or a small cataract that is obstructing the vision of one eye.

In cases where one eye is weaker than the other, it’s essential to first correct the weaker eye. Glasses are a common correction method to help the lazy eye become active again. There are a number of therapies which children undergo in order for them to start using the lazy eye again. One of these therapy methods involves the use of a patch. This patch helps a child focus using the lazy eye and slowly the brain begins to accept images that the eye sends.

In cases where there is an obstruction in the eye, a surgery could be required. Since these cases are rare surgeries are mostly avoided. Children learn fast and their brain absorbs things at a faster pace which is why it is easier to treat the lazy eye even without surgery.

The lazy eye could begin in children as young as 6 months. It is thus very essential to get your child’s eyes checked from time to time. There are a number of parents who might have suffered this condition when they were younger. This could increase the chance of your child getting the lazy eye. If you notice something funny with your child’s eyes, make sure you get it checked by a doctor. A simple test can confirm the lazy eye, and the sooner this condition is detected the faster you can begin treatment.

If ignored a child can lose vision permanently in one eye, and thus it is crucial to take them for regular eye check-ups. Lazy eye treatment in India is available at leading eye clinics and this can be done without surgery. If you’re child has a lazy eye, get it treated today, the more you delay the worse it gets.