How to Make Funds from Affiliate Ebooks without having Selling them.

But wait a minute! Why would anyone want to do that for us, wouldnt they believe like us and become an affiliate? The answer is YES! Thats the idea!

The standard way to make funds from Ebooks is to sell them to our website visitors and our mailing list.

But what if we dont have several web site visitors, and dont have a enormous mailing list?

How do we sell them? And is selling the Ebook the only way to make funds out of them?

This series of articles will be in three parts:

Element one particular: How to make cash from Affiliate Ebooks without selling them.

Part two: How to use Ebooks and Ebay to develop your mailing list.

Part three: How to use Ebooks to drive more guests to your internet site.

1st, lets appear at some other ways to make funds from Ebooks.

1 way is to give them away! But how does that make funds for me? You might ask!

Lets say we have an Ebook that we acquired from somebody else and we have complete re-sale rights.

Inside this Ebook there are usually a single or two, (possibly more) active links to the affiliate plan that we got the Ebook from.

These links will be traceable links to either the affiliate that sold or gave us the Ebook or the owner of the Affiliate plan.

Now if we click on a single of those links and go to the affiliate plan, uncover one thing we require and get it! Who gets the commission for the sale?

The person that gave/sold us the Ebook!

Now we can just sell the Ebook and make a handful of dollars, but if we want a lot more money we have to sell much more Ebooks, correct? The answer is yes and no.

Lets appear at us promoting much more Ebooks 1st, we sell more and make a little bit more income, these Ebooks are going to go out to much more men and women, which may possibly click on the link in it, when they do, who gets the commission on any sales? The answer is the affiliate who gave/sold us the Ebook.

Its plain to see who is leveraging and earning far more cash for much less effort isnt it?

So what we do is turn out to be an affiliate! Then go about the organization of giving our Ebook away to as many people as attainable, who will then attempt to sell it to other folks, who will in turn do the identical, and so on so this way WE are the ones using leverage, and generating much more money!

But wait a minute! Why would anybody want to do that for us, wouldnt they consider like us and turn out to be an affiliate? The answer is YES! Thats the idea!

Now, they join as an affiliate via us, and put their affiliate URL in the Ebook and then they promoted as vigorously as we did! This is the ultimate purpose for us! Because, they joined the affiliate system via us, they are now a second tier in our affiliate account.

So now, not only do we get a huge percentage in commission from any individual that buys one thing by means of our affiliate hyperlink in the Ebooks we market, but we also get a little percentage for any sales generated by our second tier!

This can go on and on based on the distinct affiliate plan, but its plain to see the viral effect this would have on our affiliate link.

A lot of folks will be willing to add our Ebook to their emailing list as a way of adding value to their customers, if its free of charge then why not! This will send our hyperlinks all more than the planet, along with the measures outlined above.

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