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Please join our network by completing on-line application at our website. Obviously their services are needed by engaged title companies or else there would not be so many of them. Once the marketing piece is created it should be mailed in an envelope to the title company. Signing agents are paid for notarizing documents, but also for courier services and delivery of completed loan packages. Understanding the relationship between these two types of notary hiring entities will be helpful. You must be a Notary before starting the BSA certification process. Therefore, once notaries have been in the loan signing business long enough to understand the fee structure they may seek to work directly for title companies, avoiding the intermediary of a signing service, so that the notary receives the entire fee rather than dividing it with a signing service. Some states limit or restrict Notaries from working as signing agents, or include additional licensing requirements.

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posted April 26, 2004 02:24 PM     Awww Thank you so much! Signing agents are paid for notarizing documents, but also for courier services and delivery of completed loan packages. We are your one-step shop for all NNA signing agents of your signing needs - that you have been waiting for! I do want to add one more thing. I until this point had held up submitting my paper work until I heard something solid. The Largest Directory Of Professional Notaries In California TODAY for as Little as $15.00! If you can't afford the investment in this organization, you might start with local title companies. This is not a job that I would get rich at, but it paid more than what I could make working for someone else. Statewide is an Indiana based company that provides scheduling services throughout the 50 states.

We pride ourselves on offering notary signing agent jobs to only the very best notaries. List yourself on signing agent databases. Understanding this, notaries often seek to reach the title companies directly to solicit working for them without the go-between of the signing service. Our notary database is designed to easily find mobile notary, public notaries or loan signing agents anywhere in California. posted November 14, 2003 06:38 PM     Is anyone doing this that can give me some information? There are ways to improve the chances of working directly for the title company. I have no idea as to how much it will end up costing me to start my notary service but I can't imagine it costings me that much for my supplies. These loan signings are supervised under the direction of an attorney in which Signing Carolina, Inc. handles the scheduling. Sorry for the delay to all of you that have waited patiently! I noted your prior post and hope that things pick-up really soon for you.