Boettcher Scholarship & Grady Durham increase student funding

There are few of men in this world who take profound enthusiasm for charity, however it is the ideology of these men that becomes immortal in the shape of programs that help create a better future. Owner of a Denver-based company Monticello Associates created in 1992, Grady Durham has a strong conviction about education and that is provide more opportunities to deserving youngsters in his state, so that they can in turn help the community.

With this terrific vision Grady Durham and his wife, Lori Durham chose to give Boettcher Foundation Scholarship, a project with its inception in 1952, full-ride scholarships to two students each year apart from the 40 that the program already presents. This scholarship will be for students choosing to pick colleges and universities within the state.

Grady Durham observed that more than 1,600 students apply to the Boettcher Foundation Scholarship annually; but only 40 students are picked each year. Seeing the potential in the community he decided that he will help eight students for the next four years for the Boettcher Foundation Scholarship.

The measure of the grant being offered by Grady Durham relies on the school the students pick. The normal yearly charges for University of Colorado are $8,824, yet then again the normal yearly expenses for the University of Denver are $45,978. Regardless of whatever the fees are the Boettcher Foundation Scholarship will pay the entire amount. They have already served in monetary value more than $65 million in scholarships since their inception. With the help of Grady Durham the prestigious scholarship program became the first to extend the quantity of students enlisted in its project. The system covers educational cost, books, random charges, stipends for everyday costs, and so forth.

Grady Durham has likewise stepped in other different activities helping the community. He has been a quiet donator to the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Being a dynamic part of the general public has been labelled as an inspiration by man.

“During that time, he’s (Grady Durham) watched us,” said Tim Schultz, the president of the Boettcher Foundation Scholarship.

“They are willing to and want to put money into this. It was a great validator. They looked at us and said this is a program that has a return,” he added.

Meanwhile, Grady Durham is extremely excited to see the number of students increase in the program.

“It’s exciting for us to be involved in expanding the program for the first time in 60 years,” Grady Durham said.

Grady Durham will help two apart from the 40 students of Boettcher Foundation Scholarship for the next eight years.