Pyaar Ka Punchnama Film Review

The film is about relationships. But forget a true layered look at relationships, this film is a confluence of all the jokes stale college tend to do the trick.

I remember the obnoxious guy in college, a preferred way of saying women are -. "Never trust anything that the bleeding in seven days and not die" We all had a good laugh over. Thought he had a real spirit. At this time, this statement, of course, knows of immaturity and lack of experience with the opposite sex. The problem with this film.

We meet three characters with a hangover "- that each encounter with a woman. Rajat (Kartikeya) is a tolerant sort of man who falls in love and settled with Neha (Nushrat). We see their misfortunes followed him Neha highlights everywhere, including poor children boys weekend. Tsk. Of course, this is a Naggar, has a penchant for slamming doors, is to manipulate, and even if it is a "working girl", rather spend the weekend to buy furniture and curtains. Ugh!

Next in line is Mr. Nerdy (Divyendu) meets Charu (Ishita) the new girl in the office. She uses her charms to get nerd to do your job, office or even pick up things for her while she is in the beauty salon. Ugh!

Story No. 3 is superb, the guitar-scratching Vikrant (Rayo) in a relationship with a woman (Sonalli) has released a five-year relationship. The possessive ex-boyfriend said Vikrant - "Why trust a woman who does not take another five months to get in your bed." The film shows that right Phew sexist statement. "

The film shows the careful attitude to women, showing them the dominant creatures, manipulative and sticky. In reality, the film quotes the famous spot Hutch pug "wherever you go, our network follows". Dog advertising was probably female, the character says, drawing close to the sticky nature of his girlfriend. This author is not an exaggeration, but the film does not have any positive or grayscale women.

The characterization is wrong - at a time is the nature Vikrant quiet, intense, sometimes pees on the road rowdily demand - ". The guys are like lions, and can urinate anywhere" Nishant (the nerd guy) is the type that can embarrass a woman with an obscene comment, even put his arm around her a sensation, but only shown as a victim. Despite the low-skilled, new players, particularly promising Divyendu, Nushrat and Ray.

Debut director Ranjan Luv is a film that tries to be gernetic skin care Dil Chahta Hai (bonding, Goa travel) to meet the Hangover (similar to the range of characters, a block, a loser, a regular guy). Although a couple of scenes in the film are interesting, Ranjan is the story is unstable, especially when the scenes go repeatedly. Even if you leave the young nature of the film and just try to enjoy, it's just fun, not enough.