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M tell you more about remote shoot skills in Fifa 15 Fifa 15 is a super competitive football simulation game, which is also the fifa series for the latest version, the game will be the Yankees and the emergence of new players, many players are hoping to shoot the ball even remotely in quick succession, the following for everyone explain how to remotely shoot the ball skills and the Raiders Fifa 16 Coins.

This is definitely for the long shots do the most ancient fidelity, for different players, different ball position, a different travel speeds, different defensive pressure; long shots have a different feeling. Overall, longrange is to strengthen, especially longrange ability of the players, in the kicker very uncomfortable situation, it is quite fierce.Just finish a game, with Sturridge in the penalty area arc position had lost a person, the direct left foot into the far corner pocket corner.

After Gerald Henderson return of about 30 meters in the world blasted foot waves, or outside the instep strap arc, although not Diao angle but still entered. Other players have also tried kicks long shots, but the quality is not high. This is a good thing, the performance of different players with different abilities more obvious. We can bring good taste Pure Shot evolution.More Fifa 15 game news and cheap Fifa 15 Coins buy from   Blues fans copy costa nine goals in FIFA 15 game FIFA 15 won the championship in the UK game sales again Buy Fifa 16 Coins.

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