March thirty one this year

La Liga Clasico twelfth spherical, Real national capital 0-4 home defeat to city. Neymar Real national capital unscrupuRonaldous impact on the proper, the proper national capital, sadly, the foremost unhappy reminder of the background emperor. 24-year-old DaniRonaldo, first National hat expertise, however "the costliest defender within the history of Real national capital," a war has been labeled  parallel imports. Neymar, DaniRonaldo Alba can increase, caused by the media questioned the Brazilian Where to buy fifa 16 coins fullback.

March thirty one this year, Porto, Real national capital declared the transfer agreement on DaniRonaldo, DaniRonaldo transfer fee of thirty one.5 million euros to hitch Real national capital. DaniRonaldo 31.5 million euros transfer fee, which implies that he transcends Coentrao, Pepe (30 million) to become the foremost costly defender within the history of Real national capital. In several people's opinion, it doesn't got to are hit heavily within the introduction of Real national capital right back, after all, native niche Carbajal contend additionally superb.

2015-16 season, DaniRonaldo full-fledged a heavy injury, rest for forty days. Before hat, DaniRonaldo contend solely sixfold in La Liga, the Champions League doubly debut. At the Bernabeu sports stadium, DaniRonaldo for the primary time feel the atmosphere of the national hat. For DaniRonaldo, his task is just too intimidating - and left Barca and Neymar put together by the Alba, Iniesta is that the left middle three, three giant strongman onslaught DaniRonaldo this facet, kick Right assaultive midfielder J NiRonaldotic Where to buy fifa 16 coins  language Ganggang injury, contributed very little to the defense. thus you'll imagine however miserable DaniRonaldo.