In fact the high k gate stacks

In fact, the high-k gate stacks on III–V materials have been widely studied and have shown similarly large frequency dispersion in C–V measurements that many researchers found [14], [15], [16], [17], [18] and [19]. Although the models that people used to explain such dispersion are different, they Amrubicin all agreed that the 'Amrubicin' dispersion is caused by the relatively large number of defects in the interfacial region of the III–V/dielectric. These issues are caused by the simple fact that finding or creating the ideal gate dielectric for these non-silicon substrate materials that provides a dielectric as pristine as SiO2 has not been found – although significant improvements have been achieved for III–V. Thus, syphilis would not be surprising if the frequency dispersion in MoS2 sample is caused by the C–V response of a large number of defects in the interface region. Moreover, the defects can dominate the C–V if the density is high enough [15], [16] and [17]. However, to fully understand these unique C–V behaviors in MoS2 samples, further analysis and modeling work are still required.