What Are HD Brows? - High Definition Brows Training Tips for a HD Brow

Trained eyebrow specialists will follow a number of steps in order to achieve the HD brow look. Here they are:

Assessing facial featuresEyebrow tintingWaxing excess hairThreading, tweezing and trimmingUpkeep

These are the basic steps Eyebrow Threading,Eyebrow Threading Melbourne,Eyebrow Threading South Yarra, Eyebrow Threading Camberwell to getting HD brows and while you can get this done in a stylist boutique, it is possible to do it yourself, so long as you have the appropriate tools and products.

Light Hair

If the hair on the eyebrows is too light, a shade will be selected based on your facial features. A color that is darker but not too dark will be chosen, so that your facial features are complemented and your HD brows really stand out. Eyebrow tint will be used in this instance.


Once the color has been chosen, the shape of your eyebrows will be determined. It is best to grow your eyebrows as much as possible prior to getting HD brows done because this gives the stylist more to work with. Based on the shape of your face, a suitable eyebrow style will be selected. Rigid eyebrows suit those with high cheekbones while an arched look will be attractive on someone with a round face.

Hair Removal

Waxing lasts much longer than other forms of hair removal and this is why the eyebrows will be waxed during HD eyebrow treatment. Any stray hairs will be removed and the ideal style of the brow will start to take shape. Not a single hair will be out of place because the perfect lines of the eyebrows will represent the high definition appearance.


It is important that some form of aftercare takes place after you get HD brows. This is because the hairs will start to grow back in places that you do not want them to and so it is vital to maintain the shape of your new brows. If you have over-plucked your eyebrows in the past, it is possible to use eyebrow pencil as a way of filling in the gaps and getting that HD look.