A Brief History of the Limousine by Michiel Van Kets

In the central region of France, at the base of the soaring Massif Central the land calms softly into rolling foothills. Perhaps these gentle slopes are what attracted the warring Gaulish tribe of the Lemovices to settle here.

As relatively tranquil and idyllic the Limousin region may seem in comparison to the mountainous peaks they neighbor, those very same mountains could and often did give rise to torrential rains and howling winds which would tear through the hills and valleys of what had become a peaceful agricultural community. Farming must be done on a schedule, no matter what obstacles Mother Nature throws in your way autel, so the Limousin farmers developed a unique kind of hooded garment, a jutting, long-billed cap that covered the head like a personal shelter.

While Armbruster may not be a household name the company did not simply vanish. After merging with Stageway Coaches and further expanding the idea of stretch limousines by building a six-door Cadillac funeral limo the combined company was eventually bought by Lincoln Motors MaxiDiag Elite MD702. Lincoln is still the leading manufacturer of limousines today. The nest time you are in a limousine at a wedding or even a : JFK Airport Limousine, check and see, there's a really good chance it's a Lincoln.

As you sit back and enjoy the luxurious comfort you can imagine what it was like to be crowded in a similar car with 10 or so musicians, trudging down muddy country roads to your next show in Indiana, Illinois or even Iowa!

Michiel Van Kets writes for Pinnacle Limousine, a limo service for JFK Airport Limousine transfers and Party Bus NYC.
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