Aquamax Hot Water Systems


AquaMax hot water systems are one of the leading brands of Australia. It was started in 1988 and since its inception, this company has strived hard to bring the most innovative product in the market. Whether it’s their wide product range or the ground-breaking main pressure technology, this company is renowned for offering out-of-the-box products.


We, at Waterwize Services Pty Ltd, are a proud supplier of AquaMax hot water systems. We deal with a wide variety of these products meant for commercial as well as residential use. Whether you need an electric heater or a gas heater, we are sure we will be able to suggest you the best product as per your requirement. We have been dealing with them for past 25 years and therefore, have built a strong relationship with them. This is the reason why they offer us special discounts and we pass on the benefit to you.


Quality will never be an issue with AquaMax hot water systems. The company is renowned for manufacturing good quality and innovative products at genuine prices. The heaters have a good life and are usually backed by 5 to 10 year warranty. What we most like about them is that they invest a lot in R & D. Their innovative electric mains pressure water heater has made hot water even more accessible to people. The technology used in these products ensures that you will have an ample supply of hot water irrespective of the number of taps you are using. This makes these perfect for the most demanding households.


If you are planning to install one of these water heaters, we could be your best source. We offer them at a discounted price, but be assured that the products are 100% genuine and come with manufacturer’s seal and warranty. We offer all forms of repair, service, and re-installation services during and even after the warranty period. Our technicians are highly trained professionals who are well aware of all the facets of AquaMax hot water system. They would be able to successfully restore almost any issue.


Call us at 02 9002 7345 and brief us about your requirement. We will be able to offer you a free quote immediately. Call a plumber now or enquire online and get 10% off. Aquamax Hot Water Heater Assures Continuous Influx of Hot Water


Having a regular flow of hot water in the house is of supreme importance. Scarcity or stoppage of hot water can impede all routine chores. Investing in the best is the only solution. When you enter our threshold, be assured you are all set to associate with the best company dealing in Aquamax Hot Water System in Sydney. Waterwize Services Pty Ltd stands apart from the rest in the industry in terms of quality and price.


Aspects of Consideration


Buying yourAquamax Hot Water Heater from us certainly guarantees hassle-free functioning of the gadget for years. However, there are certain guidelines for maintenance that if adhered, will boost the longevity of the heater and also make it more cost effective.

1. Get your Aquamax Hot Water System checked on an annual basis to catch any problem and ensure optimal service. There could be an internal leakage that is not visible to the naked eye. Only a trained and qualified professional can check for these internal technical errors and offer remedial measures.

2. Do not neglect repairs as that only aggravates the problem, they also increase your cost significantly as the problem worsens.

3. De- sedimentation of appliance is advisable at regular intervals so that the internal components are not affected adversely or get clogged.

4. Ensure the pressure of water is maintained. Reduction of water pressure is a clear indication of a faulty system.

5. Check the temperature relief valve is working properly. Smooth functioning of the valve not only ensures smooth operation, it also keeps your electricity bills in control.

6. Save power by switching off your heater when travelling out of station for a couple of days.

Trust Us for Continuous Water Flow
Backed by years of expertise and know-how, our company excels in installation, servicing and repair of hot water heaters in and around Sydney. The price for each service is affordable and you will never find yourself overcharged. Regardless of the family members Aquamax Hot Water Heater will always serve you unfailingly. And, be it the second tap or the fourth, you will find there is no effect in the hot water pressure. The technical skill and competence of our staff have the potential of resolving all your hot woes.Call once to certify our capability. We shall never fail you! You can reach us at 02 9002 7345 or fill out our online Contact Us form.