Fig xA Velocity profile for change in the

This section presents results for bubbles of volume 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 and 0.4 ml, corresponding to equivalent spherical diameters of dede = 4.75, 5,76, 7.23 and 9.14 mm, sliding below JWH 133 surface inclined at 30°30° to the horizontal. This corresponds to a Reynolds number range of 945<Re<2045945<Re<2045. Aspects of the dynamic bubble motion, including velocity, shape and path, will be presented and the effects of surface heating discussed. Heat transfer results, linked to bubble dynamics, will be presented in the form of two dimensionless parameters, the first of which is plasmolysis the normalised surface to bulk fluid temperature difference, defined as ΔT∗=Ts-T∞T0-T∞, where TsTs is the current surface temperature, T0T0 the initial surface temperature (without a bubble present) and T∞T∞ the bulk water temperature measured by a thermocouple. The second dimensionless parameter is the normalised heat transfer coefficient h∗=hh0, where h   is the current heat transfer coefficient and h0h0 the natural convection heat transfer coefficient.