China cashmere yarn wholesale

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Customs charges have different costs depending on the country of destination, usually is around 4-7% of the total cost of the goods (this percentage is not defined and may vary according to customs laws of the destination country).

The producer of cashmere knitwear or clothing, usually buy in large quantities directly from manucturers.

Its very easy to buy in our website. We have chosen a particular kind of e-commerce software, that makes your purchase extremely . It offer a clear procedure that leads you through the steps of your purchase. You will see how it will be to buy a product at Company of Cashmere.

On our web page you can find pure cashmere yarns for hand knitting and to machine. These yarns are produced by the finest yarn specialized company Ningbo Consinee Woolen Textile Co. Ltd.

Please, be sure that your address is exact and complete, ready for shipment.

The yarn in excess inventories, generated by these companies once they finish setting up their own collection and production of clothing,  is sold at prices r below cost prices, in ct at  stock prices. This allows us to buy these stocks and put them back for sale to our customers in small quantities at a very exceptional price.
we do provide color charts or samples for your inspection, so you can leave your contact information and address for shippment of samples.

We are manucturers, our yarns come from our own factory specialized in cashmere processing. We can sell directly to the public or private wholesale, at prices up to a quarter of the normal price you would find in other stores.