Controlling A Dental Emergency

When a tooth becomes dislodged from the mouth, seeing an emergency dentist is the preferable method in making a tooth repair. The patient will most likely be in a bit of pain and seeing a dentist promptly can be beneficial in saving a tooth if it has fallen out of the mouth. pediatric dentist. - www.paulcorcorand. Visiting a website like this will help potential patients learn about tooth emergencies.

Emergency dentists can help save a tooth if it is knocked out of the mouth. The time it takes to get to the dentist is extremely important. If the patient can bring the tooth to the dentist in under an hour, there is a chance it can be reinserted into the mouth instead of needing to replace it with a false tooth. Chipped or cracked teeth can be bonded with agents to keep the from further deterioration. These procedures can be done in the office of an emergency dentist or in a hospital setting.

When a tooth is knocked out from the mouth, it should be cleaned off to remove any bacteria from the surface. Grasping the crown portion of the tooth is recommended as the roots are very fragile. Make sure the sink drain has been closed before rinsing the tooth in plain water. Soap should be avoided completely.

Sometimes the tooth can be reinserted into the mouth to keep it in its original positioning while waiting to see an emergency dentist. Make sure the tooth is pointing the proper direction before trying to ease into the socket. If it cannot be placed back into the mouth, it will need to be kept moist while the patient is transported to an emergency dentist.

Place the tooth in a cup of milk to help keep the roots moist. If the roots dry up, the tooth cannot be reinserted into the mouth. Keeping a tooth in water is not recommended as the mineral content in the water can be damaging to the tooths roots. If there is no milk available the tooth can be placed between the inner check and exterior of the remaining teeth.

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