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The sole purpose of the Muslim Brotherhood is to change the perceptions which have been formed by people globally regarding Islam and its principles. It might sound harsh but the truth is that most of the people around the globe see Muslims as terrorists or cold hearted activists who don’t even spare lives to make a point. There is something which stereotypical people need to known about the second largest religion on earth, the reality is even they wishes to live a simple and a happy life and celebrate joys of life with their families. The almighty, Allah is gentle and loves gentleness in everything. Islam is the religion of love, affection, care, mercy and kindness.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been always focused on helping Muslims brothers to know all about recent activities and Muslim acts around the globe so they can stay updated and remember that Allah sent them down to this world to spread peace and prosperity. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, an Egyptian schoolteacher and activist from Egypt who strongly believed that Muslim Brothers around the earth need to come together and stand for a political reformation and take pride as they walk on this face of earth, rather than being blamed for activities they did not commit. He was assassinated but the group of men who he started this organization with were wise enough to carry on with their work of enlightenment.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been active since a number of years informing Sunni Muslims around the globe about everything that has been going around the Muslim community and all that which should not be done against brothers. In recent news a number of peaceful Jihadists and members of Muslim Brotherhood have made it to the Public Administration departments, a number of people have been raising their fingers against the recent oncoming but, this would help Muslims to send their message of peace and righteousness to people around the globe. The foundation on which Hassan al-Banna framed the religion was to help Sunni Muslims find a political and ethical growth amongst the people.

Enriching and toughening the bond of Muslim Brothers globally is what Muslim Brotherhood has been dedicated to. They have been spreading peace and Jihad as it is written in the book of Allah, The Quran, not like modern terrorists who are brainwashed to rage war against common man and abolish the rules and systems which were written in the holy book. Visiting the blog will help you know about Muslim Brotherhood in UK and how they have been uniting brothers worldwide and helping them sustain through hard times.

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