S&A closed water cooled chiller for lab Press Plate

A customer, from Europe, is interested in S&A closed water cooled chiller model CW-5200, that will work with Lab scale heated and cooled pres.

Below is our conversation:
S&A: What kind of equipment will be cooled?,
Customer: Close water Cooled Press Plate. 
Heating is done in independent upper plate.
lower plate away from heat.
We will cool the lower plate.
S&A:  How much is the heating power needs to be dissipated?
Customer: Heat capacity 1 kva
S&A:  What's the target water temperature and ambient temperature?
Customer: Target water temperature  35?C  and ambient temperature 22 ?C
S&A:  Do you have requirement about the water pressure and flow rate?
Customer: water pressure 4 Bar and flow rate 6 Liter/Min
According to the requirement, S&A chiller CW-5200 can reach the cooling demand.
closed water cooled chiller




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