Sinorock self drilling rock bolt is the effective tool you should recognize

It has been 3 years since Sinorock was set up in 2011 in Luoyang, China.3 years has passed, the employees who have been working in Sionrock since the very beginning always express their wonder about the rapid development of Sinorock, “It hard to believe that Sinorock has become the No.1 exporter of self drilling rock bolt in Asia!3 years ago there’s only one small factory but now we have established two modern plant and two offices. It is amazing to grow up with Sinorock.”

Our self drilling rock bolt can provide permanent support for tunneling and can aslo used in slope stabilization,rock bolts and soil nails can be used to maintain  and strengthen soil and rock.In addition,it is aslo widely used for micro pile reinforcement.Micro pile pile can transmit structural load to foundation of buildings.

Sinorock is the largest manufacturer of self drilling anchor bolt in Asia. Self drilling anchor bolt is a bolting system for unstable conditions which can be drilled and grouted simultaneously.

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