Transtech Outdoor LED Poster

Transtech Outdoor LED Poster

Key features:
1.Available in pitch 5, 6, 8mm; superior image quality & high contrast;
2.IP65, 6500 nits, ideal for outdoor application;
3.One-stop package, easy to install & maintenance.

Various applications:
1.Free standing as a street LED screen;
2.Mounting to pillars as a LED poster;
3.Embedding into the wall as a LED sign;

Intelligent in-built system:
1.Content can be transferred from Wifi, 3G/4G, SIM Card;
2.Light sensor to adjust brightness according to ambient environment.
Super light and slim Die-casting aluminum cabinet
Simple slim cabinet design with a fast lock facilitates the rapid installation and removal of the display in outdoor application.

Double-sided Screen Design
Double-sided symmetrical design makes good use of space while maintaining the equilibrium of the entire screen weight. The size of LED poster is also determined after many trials and research to get the optimal screen display performance while safety is ensured.

High brightness, high contrast & high refresh rate
With the high quality SMD2727 lamp, brightness can reach 6500cd/m2. Combining by-pixel calibration technology with the adjustment of the color and brightness of the screen, the LED poster represents the true color. The high contrast & high refresh rate allows real synchronization which is good for outdoor advertising market.

High IP level
Unique waterproof cabinet is designed for a variety of outdoor environments. The cabinet has a good moisture corrosion resistance ability which can be used in the seaside with high humidity and high salinity air environments as well as station terminals and other and other harsh environments. 

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