Get Along Together Sunni Brothers to Support the Muslim Brotherhood

The interesting history of Muslim Brotherhood dates back to the year 1928, when it was formed by an Islamist school teacher and scholar, Hasan al- Banna with six others who were focused to push political boundaries for Muslims to a level beyond. The ultimate objective of the organization was to reform and help Muslims find a better place between the society and people. The Muslim Brotherhood is entirely dedicated to helping Muslim brothers around the world as they follow the peaceful ways of Jihad and spread love amongst the people. With their aim to work on political activism they gained immense popularity amongst the fellow brothers in Arab and other parts of world. The driving-principle of the Muslim Brotherhood is Jihad and it motivates the members on following the Holy Quran and the Hadith as guidelines to spread the word of Allah and promote a healthy, non-violent and peaceful Islamic society all around the world.

The blog which is under the name is known as the best available source for Muslims around the world to know all about the main incidents, news and updates of the largest Sunni brothers’ entity. The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood is all about helping brothers to follow the words of Allah and to be able to spread the words of righteousness and peace. The recent and most mot widely talked about topic between Sunni Muslims globally are connections between Clinton and Muslim Brotherhood. The question has no answer but the truth is Deputy Chief of Staff of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin is known to have direct connections with extremists of Muslim Brotherhood including some of her family members. Truth to be told this can affect all Sunni Muslims associated with peaceful role model of The Brotherhood, but the investigation continues.

The Muslim Brotherhood UK is continuously putting in efforts to be able to help all Sunni Muslims to come together and fight for their existence and peace. The blog is dedicated to all freedom fighters and Jihadist who have been considered to be violent reformers globally. The brotherhood is here to show the bigger picture to people and to be able to create a name in society with respect. If you wish to know all about the Muslim Brotherhood, then the portal is the ultimate solution that can provide you insight of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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