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Cupcake toppers or picks are all the craze as of late, in all probability as a result of they do such a good job of dressing up cupcakes and allowing them to stand in for cakes. It's possible that totally decoding this puzzle may result in major advances in network architecture and pc expertise as a whole. ARTIST: Russian abstract painter, Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) ARTWORK: Oil painting of spiritual pilgrims in Kiev painted in 1909. AUCTION: Christie's Impressionist and Trendy Artwork Sale (November 2012) WORTH: $23,042,500 For extra on the Kandinsky painting, try our unique article right here. This flag consists of three vertical bands of equal width in the colours of inexperienced, white and purple.

LosT/1o57 gave his talk on breaking YubiKey in mid-afternoon, and Scott Erven and Mark Collao terrified us by presenting six months of network-related medical-gadget hacking Nobody was practically killed as part of their demonstration, so I assume it's going to be a couple of years till their work on affected person security and system network security finally ends up on Fox News and distributors are shamed into fixes.

ARTWORK: A big, colorful acrylic and oil stick on canvas work depicting a skeletal fisherman yielding his loot, created in 1981. AUCTION: Christie's Post-War and Modern Artwork Sale (November 2012) VALUE: $26,402,500 for more on Basquiat's portray, take a look at our original article here. Nevertheless, it's important to do not forget that the software program is looking for originality, not whether or not or not paintings is sweet.

You might dangle unframed prints or pictures from a length of wire with clips for an unconventional display. In my opinion, the one thing that you may get away with is a portray/print over a doorway as a result of that sort of artwork doesn't buy home decor have the small print that one must see like in a photograph. Also, paintings ought to only be hung over a doorway when you've got tall ceilings and there is loads of area above the doorway (at the least a couple of toes or extra).

For example, Facebook and Google's AI crew members wished to find if a neural network may learn to immediately inform the distinction between a cat and a dog. Valuewalk has dubbed the outcomes of the AI's art work as trippy,” and with good reason. Google's engineers showcased their love of popular culture by referring to the training that they are giving their neural network as inceptionism.