We were very proud to see our director Nathanael Vanderkolk on mornings with Sonia and David this morning on Channel 9. Nathanael is the youngest of our directors and has achieved so much at such a young age, he is evidence that alternative schooling is not to a childs detriment. Check out the footage here. Meet Nathanael Vanderkolk, a successful young entrepreneur and director of one of Australia’s biggest online marketing agencies, AiiMS (


To the untrained eye, Nathanael is your average high achieving male in his mid twenties, reaching new heights in business. But what you don’t see at first sight is that Nathanael is not a product of your average societal institution. Nathanael is a former home schooled student.


Given all the speculation in the media of late regarding the pros and cons of non-traditional schooling, Nathanael stands as a shining example of holistic success, proof that stepping outside of our traditional schooling systems is not detrimental to our children’s upbringing. On Friday 5th September 2014, the legislative council of NSW hosted an ‘Inquiry into Home Schooling’ at Parliament House where Nathanael represented as a former home schooled student.


“From a young age I have always had an entrepreneurial mind. At the age of seven years old, I began selling fudge to the neighbourhood. I would buy the ingredients, make the fudge, clean up, package it and sell it.  I would go around the neighbourhood knocking on people’s doors, trying to sell my fudge”


This would not be the first time Nathanael would dabble in the world of business as a child. His portfolio of little businesses grew over the years as he took on little ventures in his own backyard and around the neighbourhood. In his teenage years he discovered his love of online technology and began experimenting with home built computers, website design and optimisation. After being employed in online agencies Nathanael didn’t see eye-to-eye with due to unorthodox practices or treatment of customers, Nathanael decided to join forces with his colleague and friend Matt Walker to create Smart SEO in August, 2011 at the mere age of 21. What they created was a company that built its name on quality, results, service and ethical practice. To know more visit