Satellite image shows Iran active at controversial site – CNN Security Clearance

New satellite imagery shows signs of increased activity at a key site in Iran that is the focus of International Atomic Energy Agency suspicions regarding the country's nuclear program, according to an analysis of the image by Washington-based weapons experts.

The DigitalGlobe image of the Parchin site from April 9, 2012 shows a stream of water from the building which is supsected of containing a chamber to conduct explosives testing for potential nuclear weapon, according to the assessment by David Albright and Paul Brannan from the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS). The ISIS analysis also points out items lined outside the building which were not evident in previous satellite images.

The image raises suspicion Iran could be trying to clean out the facility, Albright and Brannan write in the report.

Photo credit: DigitalGlobe-ISIS

"The items visible outside the building could be associated with the removal of equipment from the building or with cleansing it. The stream of water that appears to emanate from the building raises concerns that Iran may have been washing inside the building, or perhaps washing the items outside the building," Albright and Brannan write in their report.

The IAEA wants to inspect the Parchin site, but Iran has refused to grant access.

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