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Beauty in Western Fashion Most of us in the fashion world , when we hear the word fashion; we glitch and never think of boots , jeans, a barn and a horse. Thats not what Lisa with Cowgirl Tuff Clothing did. Lisa is the dreamer behind this line of great clothing. In the year 1999, she started out with her husband, daughter and a dream to create a fashion line of western wear for real cowgirls in the big state of Minnesota.

Lisa started out screen printing tops from her barn out in the middle moncler outlet of a huge field in Minnesota. She would go to local rodeo events and sell her shirts, when she realized that the demand was to large for her to handle, she went to a wholesale event in 2004. During this event, she was able to land 18 stores and well over the past 5 years, her seemingly 18 stores has turned to almost 1,200 over the nation and is growing rapidly.

This is were I came into play , recognizing the flare and quality of the design at a local western store in Georgia. I recognized the beauty and fashion of this clothing line and contacted the Cowgirl Tuff Clothing Company immediately. I thought to myself, "What a great line of clothing and fashion with comfort". I am a girl that loves the open fields and my horses , but has to have good, comfortable clothing also. I also don't like to look anything but fashionable when I am up on the farm. There is something about a good pair of jeans and great looking shirt, that just makes me feel better.

After contacting these great ladies at Cowgirl Tuff Clothing, I asked "Where moncler outlet store can I find these tuff sort of clothes all over Georgia?'

Cowgirl Tuff Clothing is making their breakout here in the Atlanta area from Horsetown in Marietta, to Sacketts in Jasper, to the local rodeos that go on in the outskirts of Atlanta. As a matter of fact, there is a rodeo going on near my house this weekend, and I will be wearing those jeans! There is a certain beauty with this clothing line. It is made with love and handcrafted with showmanship and quality.

The story behind Lisa and her company that I love most and find the most inspiration in, is the fact that she has been able to put her family right there with her. Realizing how important it is to keep family first. She has been able to teach her daughter how to handle the business in all aspects and keep her husband and parents taken moncler outlet online care of. Also her slogan "Never Give Up", these words are simple, yet resonate. A true testament to the triumph of the human spirit. Its a true honor to have him say something like this about a line of clothes, cause we all know that a real cowboy only compliments things; where compliments are due.