Video Fireplace DVD

Since Ive been dealing with something of a forced hiatus from working on the cottage due to the gas/heat issues , Ive taken the opportunity to refocus on my own renovation. Remember that? A lot of people in my life have assumed that since Ive taken on google a whole other renovation, my own house must be close to completion. VERY FALSE. I Outdoor Gas Fireplace could try to list all the things I still need to do, but it would take you like three days to read and give me a panic attack, so just take my word for it. Its a lot. Take a look at our new catalogue - 250 impressive pages of who, how and where EcoSmart Fire calls home. An extensive photo library and technical library to assist you to specify and identify how to create your very own EcoSmart Fire. ANYWAY. Ive talked about this before , but one of my big conundrums with this room was the feeling that there was something missing. The wall that the room shares with the dining room is bumped-out, and theres this narrow/shallow little closet on the side that Ive been informed is called a chimney cupboard, and would have been used for wood storage and whatnot. You can kind of tell from the crappy picture above (taken at our first walk-through) that theres a large patch in the floor in front of this wall, and that the baseboard ends abruptly. Given all of this, I had this big idea. Why not put something back in that spot? Even if it didnt actually serve a functional purpose, a proper-looking fireplace would go a long way toward anchoring the room and providing some nice ambiance. The fireplace in our apartment is purely ornamental, but just the fact that its there gives the room so much. So that is what I set out to do. Fake fireplace plan: a-go. When I got the mantel home, I opened up the part of the wall where the old mantel would have theoretically been, wondering if Id find a firebox or just the chimney. Just the chimney! Since there wasnt any depth to work with inside the wall, whatever would go on the inside of the mantel had to be essentially flush with the wall. Hmmm. Hmmmmmmm.