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Rishikesh is definitely a popular spot for white water rafting as well as other adventure activities. Every year, 1000s of tourists flock to the World Capital of Yoga, to find their lost spirits, and dwell within the lap of nature. Meanwhile greater sporty spirits, remove their rafts to get a ride as well as their guts for a challenge. It is a magical battle against the fast flowing cold currents in the Ganges. White water rafting has different degrees of difficulty, according to your training. Small training modules can also be found for amateurs, whereby they are equipped to fight the ferocity with the Ganges. Punching and High Siding from the madness, most rafters have returned from Rishikesh, having a renewed love for life. The best time to see Rishikesh for rafting is produced by September to November and from March to May. It covers several kilometers, the road being interspersed with rapids starting from Level 1 to Level 5.

For any trip related query, please write to us . Your queries will probably be addressed within a day. You can either pick your favourite trip in the list or mail us your requirements for the personalized trip. Our tour packages may be readily customized to fit your budget, some time to preferences of our own clients. We are utterly flexible with regards to amending our itineraries to modify along with your specific interests. All you need to do is complete our online contact forms poised below each tour packages and tell us about your exact preferences. Whitewater Rafting: Depending upon your ability as well as level, youll be able to seek water adventures In Rishikesh. Powerful Ganges passes through the town, offering superb rafting opportunities. Several private companies provide precautionary features along with other facilities for river rafting in Rishikesh. Shivpuri, about 15km from Rishikesh, could be the main point for rafting. Apart from that, its possible to take begin from Brahmpuri and Kaudiyala too, based upon the river rapids he would like to fight with. The water current in the region ranges from slow to wild, making rafting something for everyone here.

please click the following post src="http://www.riverriders.com/sites/riverriders.com/files/082810%252011am%2520raft%2520%25285%2529.JPG" /> Perseid meteors will show up to "rain" to the atmosphere through the constellation Perseus, which rises inside northeast around 10 p.m. in mid-August. At its peak, the shower could produce up to 100 meteors per hour. The moonlight may decrease the brilliance in the view of some from the meteors; having said that, you must still expect to see a great number of bright meteors. This years shower should peak about the night of August 12 as well as the morning of the 13th, The thin, crescent moon will be out with the way early, setting takes place for a potentially spectacular show. You might be able to see some meteors any moment from July 23 - August 22. The radiant point for this shower is going to be inside the constellation Perseus. For best viewing, look for the northeast after midnight.