Bingo: It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Game Anymore

When most people think of bingo, they imagine it as a game that is only played at nursing home socials, or being used for fundraisers, and charities. And While this is true, you’re most likely imagining your grandma heading out to her favorite bingo hall with her bag of bingo dabbers, hoping to win the next jackpot. The point being, most of us associate the game with grey hair, curlers, and slippers. 


Bingo’s Demographics Have Changed


The truth is, bingo isn’t your grandmother’s bingo game anymore! Why? Well, let’s start off with when bingo trends really started to change. Bingo was created in 1986, and was a hit with grannies from all over, so the typical bingo stereotypes really did apply; however, the age of bingo players really started to change in the early 2000s.


Many young, working class people started getting lured into bingo halls by large jackpots and would spend their nights at local bingo halls. Fast forward to today, bingo is still quite popular amongst various ages, but it’s being played using a much different medium than it was not too long ago. Bingo halls are constantly closing, and have been replaced by countless online bingo games. 


How Technology Has Transformed the Face of Bingo


Naturally, with the creation of smart phones, tablets, and super thin, lightweight laptops, bingo game designers saw the opportunity to reach even more people by growing with the rapidly-changing trends in technology. Now, people of all ages flock to bingo game sites, hoping to win the next big jackpot. 


Having the ability to play the simple, yet classic game of bingo using a digital platform, provides a lot of opportunities that bingo halls were not able to offer when operating in their prime. For example, bingo halls usually had a cover charge of some kind, you were required to purchase your own bingo cards, and the jackpots often left much to be desired. 


Spend Less and Win More!


With online bingo, you spend less, and have the opportunity to win much more, and in some cases, you can play bingo for free while still having the opportunity to win big. How is this possible? Well, for starters, bingo sites have a very small overhead with a lot more paying customers in one bingo game than most bingo halls usually did or do. 


Of course, there are advantages to paying to play some bingo games online, but the cost for what you actually get, often pales in comparison to the costs and possible payouts experienced in your classic bingo hall. It’s quite common for sites to offer tons of free plays and other bonuses upon making a very small deposit. And, the best part is, people are actually winning nice jackpots from these sites, whether they’ve made a deposit or not! 


Move Over Granny


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