5 Must Visit Places At Yas Island

Yas Island is an amazing place to plan a trip with your family. If you’re on a short trip here, and you don’t really know what you need to cover, here’s a list of 5 places you must visit while in Abu Dhabi.

#1 – Yas Links

This is one of the best golf courses across the world. Yas Links is listed in one of the top 10 golf courses by USA’s gold magazine. Even if you aren’t a golf player, you should come here just to experience what the sport is all about. It has an amazing design, and is considered one of the best places to play golf. These is the only gold course in the Middle East, so golf lover or not, drop in here for a quick game that you are sure to enjoy.

#2 - Yas Marina

Instead of checking into a regular hotel, come to Yas Marina. This is one of the finest Marinas you’ll find in the Middle East which comes with a number of things you will love. There are a number of activities you can get here and since it’s situated at Yas Island, you also save on travelling. With some of the best restaurants, events and activities this Marina is an experience you need to get.

#3 - Yas Marina Circuit

Another reason you need to check in to the Yas Marina circuit is this. If you’re a sport lover, then coming here will get you direct access to the formula 1 racing track. You can check out some mean cars here and also try driving one of them. Your need for speed is sure to get some pleasure at this place.

#4 – Yas Waterworld

Yas waterworld has something in store for everyone. This unique theme park has over 43 attractions which manage to please people of all age groups. As the name suggests, this is a water park and is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat in Abu Dhabi. This place is also a great place to visit if you’re on an all-girls trip. It has ladies’ night that keeps women happy and cheerful.

#5 – Yas Mall

If you’re here with family, then a trip to Yas Mall will bring a smile to everyone’s face.  The mall is huge and has something for everyone to enjoy. Firstly, it’s a great shopping destination, so remember travel light and fill up your bags on your way back. Shop at some of the best brands and get your wardrobe that makeover you always wanted. Children don’t need to fret; this mall has the amazing Lego Land which can keep them entertained and happy for a long time. It also has a snow world which helps you beat the summer heat and cool down for a bit. You can also catch up for a movie with their large 20 screen theatre which has a wide variety of movie screenings to choose from.