Golf Lovers Take Note – Yas Links Is A Place To Be

Abu Dhabi is a great place to visit when you’re on a holiday. There are more than one reasons to why you should come here for one of those weekend breaks. This city has a lot to offer and can provide complete entertainment for your entire family. While visiting Abu Dhabi, make sure you include a visit to Yas Islands. This is a great place to go to and manages to satisfy your urge for almost anything you desire.

If you’re an avid golfer or if you love the sport of golf, then Yas Links is a must visit place. This unique golf course is recognized as one of the top golf courses across the world. It's been voted among the top 10 international golf courses by USA's golf course magazine. This course is one of the most famous places on Yas Islands and is the only golf course in the Middle East.

Yas Links is just 5 years old, but has managed to top the list of the best golf courses and is an amazing place to play your favorite sport. This is a clear and classy golf course which allows you to get a clear view of the entire landscape thus enhancing your playing experience.

Since this golf course is situated at Yas Islands, make sure you check for holiday packages that include a hotel stay which is situated close to Yas. There are a number of great deals available for a quick Abu Dhabi vacation, so you can choose from a vast list of offers and pick the ones that you find most interesting. Always try to opt in for a package that combines a little of everything during your stay. This way, you will manage to keep all the members who are on holiday with you happy.

Abu Dhabi flights are frequent and there are flights that go to and fro to Abu Dhabi on a daily basis. It’s always a good idea to book a hotel that provides chauffer service from the airport and back. Middle East heat is not something you would like to deal with, so try avoiding the outdoor as much as possible. This is also another reason for you to check in to a hotel that’s not very far away from Yas Island. This helps you save on time and energy spent on travelling and thus allows you to do a lot more during your stay.

There are many offers and deals that you can choose from. These deals are available online and you can sit with you family and plan what you want to do during your visit. Working life is hectic and these small but satisfying city breaks manage to rejuvenate your mind and make you feel good. It is always preferred to plan your holiday in advance since this helps you get better offers and deals and allows you to choose packages that are apt for the entire family.