Which? tries out the latest Karcher steam cleaner - March - 2015

25 March 2015

Karcher has become a big name in the world of cleaning gadgets, so we took its latest creation - the Karcher SC1 Premium steam cleaner - for a spin to bring you our first impressions.

The brand that brought us the first ever window vacuum cleaner is claiming a new first with the Karcher SC1 Premium. It says the SC1 is the first handheld steam cleaner thatyou can also use to clean your floors, thanks to a floor mop attachment.

At around 90, its at the higher end of the price range for a handheld steam cleaner, although its rivals dont come with a floor cleaning attachment. So is it worth splashing out on?

We have now fully tested this steam cleaner so read our Karcher SC1 Premium review to find out.

Karcher steam cleaner and mop

The SC1 isn't the first steam cleaner that can be put to work on floors as well as surfaces and tiles.

We've tested upwards of 20 two-in-one steam mops with detachable handheld cleaners, though the Karcher is the first to add mopping capabilities through an attachment. The difference sounds subtle, but as a handheld with a mop attachment, the Karcher SC1 Premium should prove much more compact and easier to store than a full-sized steam mop, and the bulk of the weight is in your hand, rather than near the floor.

In our trial, we found the SC1 was quick to convert between handheld and floor mop modes. Our first look review reveals more on how easy it is to use, plus whether it is actually any good at the basic business of prising everyday grime and spills from different surfaces and floors around the house.

Steam cleaners on test

Weve fully tested and rated both handheld and cylinder steam cleaners from Karcher in the Which? test lab. In our Which? tests, we put them to work cleaning common household surfaces and everyday spills and stains so we can tell you which will leave your surfaces spotless and which will leave them a dripping mess. We also run endurance tests to find out whether models steam output drops off after repeated use.

Read our steam cleaner reviews to find out which models weve rated best, and which to avoid.

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