For any woman fearing the Pap Smear

For any woman who is afraid of getting poked and prodded, it contributes to an irrational fear of her gynecologist. Especially one of which there is a strange doctor poking something into a private area of the body. I can attest that I have survived my gynecologist and the dreaded pap smear. Ill attmept to explain the procedure and its benefits in as tasteful a manner as possible. Papanicolaou test is administered to detect the premalignant and malignant processes in the ecocervix. The test itself gathers cells from the cervix at the end of the uterus. Its effective in its means of detecting precancerous or cancerous cells. For women who are sexually active, you should regularly see a gynecologist for a pap smear at least annually. Its called pap smear because its an abbreviation of the name of the guy who invited it (Georgios Papanikolaou) and because they have to smear the cells on a microscopic slide to examine it.

You should not go in for a pap smear while you are menstruating. They say the best time to go for the examination is from 10 to 20 days after your cycle is off. You can, however, go for an examination while pregnant. Because you want the doctor to find any cancerous cells you should avoid douching or vaginal creams. Stationed on your back as if giving birth, first the doctor exams your outer genitals and rectal areas. A speculum is inserted into the vaginal canal allowing the doctor to view the cervix. After mucus is cleared away, a cervical brush is inserted and twirled around to collect the endocervical cells and a second sample is taken of the ectocervical cells. Afterward you receive the bimanual pelvic exam where two fingers are inserted to the vagina and the other hand is used to examine the ovaries and uterus. Now for the million dollar question does it hurt? No, its quick and relatively painless. Its not like you wont feel something with someone cranking you up like an old car. I had a female gynecologist, but some women feel more comfortable with a male doctor to each, her own. Its not as unpleasant as it sounds, and its over before you know it. It may seem like a violation, but its essential and could potentially save your life.