What should you say during a performance evaluation?

Performance management is incorporated into the organizational structure of most companies today. It is a way for businesses to manage the performance of their employees by evaluating their productivity and giving employees a chance to talk about their achievements.EtiquetteA good rule of thumb is to approach a performance evaluation with your supervisor the way you would approach a job interview. Remain professional at all times, dress appropriately and be prepared to answer questions that pertain to your performance.

Talk About AccomplishmentsTalking about your accomplishments is advisable for your performance evaluation. This gives your supervisor a chance to know about all the wonderful things you did for your organization and adds merit to your performance evaluation.

Talk About GoalsYou want to appear progressive and ambitious. Tell your supervisor about some of the goals you have set for yourself in terms of performance, projects and productivity. By doing so, your supervisor will see that you are committed to the company.

Talk About StrengthsAccording to the August 2008 issue of "International Journal of Public Administration," Vuokko Niiranen contends that it is a good idea to talk about your strengths during a performance evaluation. After all, this is your time to exude a level of competence.

Talk About ProfessionalismA common indicator on performance evaluations has to do with professionalism. Talk about how you turn your work in on time, how you are reliable to complete projects, how you manage relationships well with customers and coworkers and discuss ways that you have achieved excellence due to your professionalism.

Source:"International Journal of Public Administration"; The Many Purposes of Performance Evaluation; Vuokko Niiranen; August 2008.