Which the best cleaning equipment for cleaning the floors?

What kind of floors? If you have hardwoods - never EVER use anything that involves water. It's wood, you know. Vacuum 3-4 times a week so dirt doesn't scratch the wood and wipe up spills and use a polish from Bruce (you can get more information online at Bruce website or find kits in Lowe's and Home Depot). Don't listen to anyone who recommends water, cleaning solutions or mops on hardwoods.

With vinyl - wipe up spills, spot clean when necessary and mop or get on hands and knees and scrub - whichever works best for you. Personally I got down and scrubbed with a rag and used a toothbrush in the cornersa and along the wood trim. Ditto for the bathroom.

Carpet - vacuum with a power head but if you have Berber carpet, keep the power head at a medium height. Low and extra low is hard on the Berber. Hope this helps.