For Richard Lapointe, An Unlikely Friendship Blooms

Standing outside the Manchester courthouse on a breezy spring afternoon, Mark Schand adjusts his flat-brimmed New York Yankees cap and looks down at his bemused companion, Richard Lapointe, who is fiddling with his hearing aid.

"Are you hungry?" Schand asks. Lapointe looks at him, confused. Schand raises his voice and repeats the question.

"Are you gonna buy me lunch?" Lapointe asks.

"Yeah, I'll buy you lunch," Schand says with a nod.

"Then I'm hungry," Lapointe replies, giggling.

Schand smiles and shakes his head, halfway between amused and exasperated with his 69-year-old charge.

"He's always hungry," Schand says. "He loves McDonald's. McDonald's a