Conception Using the Ericcson Method

Trying to

conceive a baby for some can be a effortless process.Unfortunately, not everyone experiences the same ease of conception.There are various factors that can significantly affect your body'sfertility. These can be a simple as following a balanced diet, rich invitamins and minerals or cutting out some harmful environmental factorslike smoking or shedding excess weight. Regardless of the factors thereare times when the natural methods reach their limit. When this happensone of our only outlets is medical intervention.

The "EricssonMethod" has been a counterpart to IVF (in vitro fertilization) sinceit's inception. The functionality of the method has been hotlycontested since the beginning. While the Ericcson method has itssupporters, there are just as many opponents. Dr. Ronald Ericcson was apioneer in the field of obstetrics and gynecology during the mid1970's. The basis of his theory is contingent upon the fact that Ychromosome sperm (male sperm) swim faster than their X chromosome(female sperm) counterparts.

The theory behind the Ericcsonmethod is that the sperm sample is filtered in a test tube of humanalbumin. The albumin is staggered in layers of varying thickness. Thethought is that the male sperm, given their swimming prowess, will beable to reach the bottom of the test tube. The sample is thenretracted, cleaned, and centrifuged. The resulting sample, should be, agenetically stacked sample of either majority male or female sperm. Thesample is then used in an insemination process, close to the date ofovulation. So if you're looking for info on how to have a baby boy or girl, this might be something worth looking at closer, as the science is very sound.

The Ericcson Method, much like other medicalinterventions related to conception is not a cheap process. Theprocedure averages between $600-$1,200 per episode. Does the pricecorrelate with the success ratio? I will let you be the judge: Ericcsonsupporters project a 78%-85% success rate when using the method trying to conceive a boy, correspondingly, they project a 73%-75%success rate when trying to conceive a girl. The method's detractorsactually peg the numbers at closer to 50%-50%.

Withconception, there are no fail safe methods proven to choose the sex ofyour baby or to get pregnant. There are many options available thatwill help to greatly shift the odds in your favor. The Ericcson Methodis just another way to help you get the family you have been hopingfor. Remember, be patient, explore your options and you will be well onyour way to starting a family.