The Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners For Your Workplace

Every workplace and every small or medium sized business is different: which means, of course, that when it comes to cleaning, there are different industrial vacuum cleaners suited to each one. While a small factory or manufacturing concern may require a vacuum cleaner that is capable of dealing with unusual amounts of dust, or even hazardous dust; an office or restaurant might want one that is easy to store and not very heavy.

Choosing the right industrial vacuum cleaner is important, in terms of space as well as application. If you have a limited storage area for your cleaning products you need to know that the industrial vacuum cleaner you go for is capable of delivering the right kind of power and reliability without occupying a disproportionate amount of your cleaning cupboards interior space.

Numatic industrial vacuum cleaners come in a variety of sizes and configurations from the familiar brightly coloured H series to the imposing looking NT ranges. If you are able to find a stockist (such as Valley Industrial Products, for example, whose show room is able to demonstrate H, NT and NV models) in your area you will be able to see the industrial vacuum cleaner in action for yourself: and also make sure that the size you are looking at is the right size for your available space.

Consider the use that your industrial vacuum cleaners will be put to. Who will be using them? Where? How often? If the majority of your staff comprises of young people, or female, it is unlikely that you will get much mileage out of a heavier industrial vacuum cleaner. And if your premise is often full of public, you may need to think about buying two vacuum cleaners one for cleaning after you shut, and one for cleaning while you are open. You do not want to disturb your patrons at dinner, for example, by wheeling out three foot tall industrial vacuum cleaners and having some poor waiter go banging around the restaurant.

Be aware that there are different variations of industrial vacuum cleaner for different purposes. Your basic industrial vacuum cleaner will make an efficient fist of any normal cleaning using higher powered motors and increased bag capacity to clear up dust and dirt in record time.

If you work in a factory or machining environment, you may wish to select a more heavy duty style of industrial vacuum cleaner: like the Numatic NTD750M-2. The NTD750M-2 is designed for use in areas where the dust being collected could be considered a health risk, and has additional filtering systems to cope with such environments.

Serious messy or frequently very dirty areas are best cleaned with genuine heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners. The Numatic versions of these vacuum cleaners are a bright red in colour, as befits their emergency cleaning stature. They boast twin motors for double suction power, ensuring rapid and effective cleaning under even the most appalling conditions. If your business creates extra mess on a regular basis then this is the machine for you.