The First Domestic Built 130-Nanometer Microchip Photomask Cleaning Equipment Developed in China Changzhou Hi-tech District.

CHANGZHOU, China, Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- China's ChangzhouNational Hi- tech District announced that the first domestic built130-nanometer microchip photomask cleaning equipment has been developedby Changzhou Ruize Microelectronics Co., Ltd. in the District onNovember, 21, breaking the foreign monopoly in photomask equipment. Thenew equipment will be delivered to China Resources MicroelectronicsLimited in Wuxi for qualification.

Xu Fei, the manager of Ruize, who has a master degree from the department of semiconductor materials at Texas State University, said, "The equipment is the first photomask equipment locally developed in China, which fills the gaps in this field where no advanced equipment was previously available domestically. The related technology has reached the advanced level and could be upgraded to the 90-nanometer level through further process development for some time at user ends."

Changzhou Ruize Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech company that specializes in the research, manufacture, sale and service of semiconductor related equipment. In 2007, Xu Fei gave up a favorable salary in the US and returned to China, along with the knowledge for cutting edge microchip photomask equipment and technology. After conducting surveys in many cities in the Yangtze River Delta, he was able to start a business with a fund of RMB 1 million, a house of 100 square meters and a laboratory of 100 square meters, all provided by the Changzhou municipal government, which helped him overcome his financial difficulties and start a company in Changzhou. "The critical part for my products is suppliers," He said, "I chose Changzhou because it has a solid base for mechanical manufacturing, where I can find many suitable suppliers."

After securing the funds, factory space and suppliers, Xu Fei setup Changzhou Ruize Microelectronics Co., Ltd. in August, 2007. He wasawarded the title of one of the first leading entrepreneurial talentsreturning from abroad by Changzhou municipality. Soon after the foundingof the company, Changzhou Ruize Microelectronics Co., Ltd. obtainedinvestment from a venture capital firm, Changzhou Xinhui Venture CapitalInvestment Company.

Up to now, the company has built up its own R&D department covering various aspects including techniques, mechanical design, electrical design and software design. The company has applied for one invention patent, two practical and innovative patents and is now preparing to apply for two international patents.

Photomask is reported to be the most cutting-edge and crucial part in the production procedure of ultra large-scale integration circuits. Photomask is also a carrier of the intellectual property of integrated circuit design, and a necessary mold to produce semiconductor microchips. The quality of a photomask determines how advanced a semiconductor microchip is. The 130- nanometer microchip photomask cleaning equipment currently produced by the company covers advanced technologies in machine, electric, chemistry and industrial control. The whole equipment is totally produced by Ruize, including mainframe design, parts selection, non-standard parts design, electric control design, development of industrial control software and the assembly and debugging of the completed equipment, hence owning the full independent intellectual property right of the equipment. Ruize will develop various sets of technical equipment for photomask resist coating, drying, etching and developing and so on to form an advanced semiconductor chain with independent intellectual property rights. The company's vision is to replace imported equipment, satisfy domestic needs, enter the international market and develop into a well-know global company for the manufacturing of semiconductor equipment.

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