When you have a "company" can you write off: cars, restaurants, gifts, travel, etc.?

You seem to have no clue as to how tax laws for business operate.

For example: the only way for a business to 'write off' the cost of a car or truck is if they can prove that it is exclusively used for the business. The moment the owner starts using the care to drive to and from work - he has to keep detailed mileage records and he can only write off the actual mileage driven for a business purpose.

Business travel is the same thing. The owner has to be able to demonstrate the business nature of the trip. If you own a gas station in nebraska and try to write off a trip to Cancun as a 'business expense' you are going to get in a lot of trouble.

Business gifts are another place where a business owner is waving a red flag in front of the IRS and yelling 'Audit Me!.' Business gifts are tightly regulated by the IRS and any gift above a set dollar ammount has to be reported to the IRS so the person who got the gift has to pay taxes on the value of that gift.

You really, really need to learn something before you spout off with opinions that are based on pur ignorance.