Thohir himself declared

 In assuming Zanetti Inter legend, he would have been declared the main Thohir his jersey will be retired, and this news has finally been any official confirmation. Inter Milan official website posted a video, the main Thohir officially announced Zanetti will retire jersey Cheap Fifa 16 Coins .

In the video which, Thohir said emotionally: "You are the legendary idol Inter, the club and the history of world football you are a winner, and it repeatedly kissing the championship trophy aloft and now you are. our leaders, we have to go win more. I am confident that as long as the management, coaching staff and players of assistance, work hard for the fans, those trophies will be with us. "

Thohir himself declared, Zanetti's jersey will be retired: "In the future Among the players play Inter Milan, you will not see any player wearing jersey No. 4: This is your jersey No. 4, the 4th It is always with you. You can feel the Inter Milan and the world of your admiration for you and your jersey No. 4 will always belong to Inter Milan. "

Although there will be no Inter players wore jersey No. 4, but according to Football  Finance site, Zanetti Inter Milan jersey No. 4 is still in major stores. This is a powerful weapon in the commercial development of Inter Milan, because it is many of the season, Inter fans all over the world to purchase one of the highest number of shirts.
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