With 8.2% unemployment, why does nobody want 200,000 trucking jobs? – Cafferty File

By CNN's Jack Cafferty:

With 8.2% unemployment, here's something that will likely surprise you about America's job market:

Companies say they've had 3 million job openings every month since February - this according to the Labor Department.

But employers say they're having trouble filling these positions because they can't find skilled workers to do the jobs.

Bloomberg News reports that in order to narrow this "skills gap," employers are teaming up with philanthropies, governments and community colleges to train their existing workforce.

Places like hospitals are taking the lead, turning to their own staff to train technicians and nurses. Also, factories and construction companies are stepping up apprenticeships.

Employers say it's not just technical skills that workers are missing - they point to so-called "soft skills" - things like the ability to solve problems, think critically and work in teams.

In other words, a lot of Americans are too stupid to do the jobs that are available. Pretty sad.

CNNMoney.com has another surprising example of jobs going unfilled: there are 200,000 jobs available for long haul truckers that nobody wants.

Experts say the positions are hard to fill since it's difficult and expensive to get certified.

Plus the lifestyle of a trucker isn't easy. Long days on the road often living in the back of a truck, separated from family and friends and working crazy hours.

Still truckers earn an average of almost $40,000. That's $4,000 more than the median wage for all jobs.

You'd think people looking for work would jump at the chance.

Heres my question to you: With 8.2% unemployment, why does nobody want 200,000 trucking jobs?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?


Could it be that we have made the unemployed masses comfortable in their unemployment? As long as they are getting money and benefits from the federal and state government, why give up the easy life?

Thomson in Batavia, Illinois:

I have been driving a semi for 11 years. To drive a truck you have to have a certain type of character: You cant be bothered spending a lot of time away from home. You have to be ready at all times because your schedule may change and you would be required to either report to work immediately or wait at a location because a load is not ready or drive at midnight when everyone else is sleeping.

J. in Missouri:

Jack, If I drove a huge semi, you would want to get off the road.

John in Lake Charles, Louisiana:

For the same reason they don't want to pick vegetables, Jack. They want to sit on their butts in an air conditioned office playing with their smart phones all day and getting paid for it.


Middle class Americans are the new snobs. They feel they are too good to do many of the jobs our parents raised their families on. A good friend of mine is a librarian who has to help the unemployed apply for jobs online and she says you wouldn't believe the jobs unemployed people turn their noses up at. They expect high pay, great benefits, AND a 'challenging' or 'interesting' work environment.

George in Pennsylvania:

My 4 year old grandson has visited the Mack museum in Allentown, Pennsylvania and says he wants to be a truck driver. If they can hold the position for another 20 years I'll remind him, if I'm still around.