Why do we wear diesel watches on the wrist?

We have talked a lot on the blog about how men came to wear watches on their diesel canada online store during the First World War, having previously only carried pocket or fob watches. After this, the wristwatch became commonplace and worn by men and women like.
What we haven't spent a lot of time talking about is how women were actually the pioneers of today's must-have accessory - the wristwatch.
So, how - and why? - did the clock shrink down to become the dainty and feminine 'wristlet'?
Portable timepieces were only made possible by the invention of the mainspring in the 15th century. Following on from this turning point, timepieces were sometimes worn on belts, then pendants and then as pocket watches.
However, in times gone by people were generally happy not to know the time hour to hour. If people wanted to meet they would use public clocks or be called to meet by hand-rung bells.
Only after the Industrial Revolution, when people had to work away from their homes at particular times, did people need to know the time. And, diesel canada prices as public transport took off, so too did timetables and schedules which also meant people needed to be able to keep time.