The best stove top cleaner: Homemade, frugal and safe

No matter how neat and careful you may be the stove-top inevitably will get messy. Unless of course; that large appliance in your kitchen is just for looks and never used for cooking. That isnt the case in most kitchens.

Clean your stove top naturally!


Pots boil over and splatter gets everywhere when frying. Tomato sauce bubbles up and when the stove is used regularly steam covers it and leaves streaks and marks everywhere.

Purchasing special stove-top cleaners can be expensive and you dont get that much for your money. The bottles seem to get smaller and smaller while the prices get higher and higher.

There is an easy solution that shows your frugal side. A cleanser that works, wont damage the stove surface. It is safe and homemade too. Now that we have your attention this little solution to cleaning a stove-top has been around for ages.

Just think back to those school days when you took science class. There were lots of things to experiment with and one of those days you wound up in the lab creating a spewing volcano.

The volcano was an impressive experiment and everyone loved to see that it worked time and time again. There was only two little ingredients used to create the frothy volcanos lava and they were vinegar and baking soda. Those same two ingredients are all you need to clean your stove-top with.

Just mix one tablespoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of vinegar in a medium sized bowl. When combined it will turn into a lot of foam which you want to spill over all the areas where food, splatter or spills happened to find their way to the top of your stove. Allow the foam to set for a minute or two and then wipe the surface clean.

For bigger and tougher stains and spills double the amount or create the same amount again and repeat the process. This is a lot healthier than all those harsh chemical and abrasive cleansers on the market. This works wonderfully on all types of stove tops.

Clean with ease and leave the chemicals on the store shelves!

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