Dr. Oz: Gynecologist myths and green juices for weight loss

Dr. Mehmet Oz debunked some common feminine health myths and discussed whether green juices can aid weight loss on the July 31 episode of the Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Oz's guests were three female gynecologists: Dr. Lauren Streicher, Dr. Evelyn Minaya, and Dr. Hilda Hutcherson. They said a common myth is that you can get a yeast infection from wearing tight jeans or sitting in a wet bathing suit. The true causes of yeast infections include a weakened immune system and overuse of antibiotics.

Other myths Oz and his panel debunked are that petite, narrow-hipped women cannot deliver a large baby without a C-section and an IUD causes infertility.

Dr. Oz said it's a myth that using an IUD (intra-uterine device) as birth control will make you infertile because the IUD is a reversible method of contraception.

Finally, Dr. Oz and his panel said it's okay to not get your period when you're on birth control because there's no medical need to menstruate when you're taking the pill.

Green Juice Warning: May Cause Kidney Stones

On a separate segment, Dr. Oz revealed that green drinks (sometimes referred to a "salads in a bottle") aren't always healthy because too much can cause kidney stones.

Many people drink green juices because they're rich in vitamins and minerals and can help with weight loss, but some contain chemicals that can trigger kidney stones. Swiss chard, rhubarb, and spinach are the biggest culprits for these chemicals, while cucumbers, green peppers, and broccoli don't contain them.

Another concern is that some Cape Town Gynecologist green drinks contain a lot of hidden sugar and calories, so check out the sugar content in the juices before drinking too much of them. Be especially careful of green drinks that contain fruit, which dramatically increases their sugar content.

Dr. Oz said drinks containing bananas, grapes and mangoes are high in sugar, while those containing lemons, strawberries and cantaloupe are lower in sugar. People who dieting and trying to lose weight should keep tabs on their sugar intake.