Small floral curtains for you

I don’t know when time we like to wear small floral or star dresses in summer. Now with its popularity, China curtain manufacturer make some creative ideas for they apply this kind of small floral style in curtains. Now we can have a view at the small floral curtains.


Small floral quite pastoral style curtain is coupled with soft colors, exceptionally warm. Curtain material is generally about twice the size of the window, the time of purchase to calculate the fold, clear dimensions. The curtains size has varied in shops planned a variety of window curtain size needed in market of embroidery curtain wholesale in China, and you can customize the size, very convenient. Quite natural fresh pastoral style green cloth, silver small stars around, is quite beautiful. Using physical blackout curtains, shading is good, cloth shading up to 90%. Black silk fabrics feel good, washable.


As far as I’m concerned, high quality jacquard curtain is also could customized like small floral style if you like.